Apr 25, 2004

Music to soothe the savage beast... 

or motivate him... whichever.

Greetings all, just stopping in to say hi. I'm feeling a bit musical today, and to that end, I bring you the following two stories. You'll need a Military.com password to read these... like you don't already have one...

Kilt-Wearing Marine Plays Bagpipes
FALLUJAH, Iraq - Amid the clatter of gunfire and explosions that regularly rock this city, an unexpected sound rises over the front line - bagpipes.
Dressed in Marine fatigues with his gun at his side, 1st Sgt. Dwayne Farr, 36, blows into his set of pipes. The plaintive wail is carried by the wind that whips across this dust-blown, war-torn town.
"Playing on the battlefield - I never thought that would happen," Farr said.
Farr, an African-American from Detroit, was inspired to learn when he saw another player who didn't match the Scotsman stereotype.

Troops Blast Music In Siege Of Fallujah
In Fallujah's darkened, empty streets, U.S. troops blast AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" and other rock music full volume from a huge speaker, hoping to grate on the nerves of this Sunni Muslim city's gunmen and give a laugh to Marines along the front line.
Unable to advance farther into the city, an Army psychological operations team hopes a mix of heavy metal and insults shouted in Arabic - including, "You shoot like a goat herder" - will draw gunmen to step forward and attack.

As the cannon-cockers like to say, "God fights on the side with the best artillery." I personally think that God also drinks Guinness and rocks out...

I could be wrong... but probably not.

Apr 10, 2004

I'm up - they see me - I'm down 

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to everybody that wished me well. I have so much that I'd like to say about what I'm doing and what's going on in the world right now, but time doesn't permit me that luxury. Anyway, thank you all, and I'll still be around lurking in the shadows on occasion.

Gotta get back to studying now. Talk to ya later.

UPDATE: Just one more thing, before I go...

:: how jedi are you? ::

You know you're jealous... just admit it.
Hat tip to the Snooze.

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