Dec 20, 2010

Not gonna ruin MY fun 

If only to move more depressing subjects off the top of the page...

It is Christmas, after all.

h/t to Curtis

Dec 19, 2010

All sorts of good news 

Oh if only we'd dropped DADT sooner, then poor Bradley wouldn't be in such a lowly condition. It's certainly the fact that he was a closeted homosexual that led to his bad behavior. If only he'd be able to wear that pink feather boa with his Class A's this might have all been avoided...

Or it could just be he's upset that they put him in a Marine brig instead of an Army stockade. Tough $hit. It was good enough for other traitors, it's good enough for you, dumbass.

Dec 18, 2010


Why did it matter? Why change it? Why? Welcome to the world of unintended consequences. The world where my contempt for elected officials is only rivaled by their apparent contempt for me.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is now essentially dead thanks to the spineless jackholes of the US Congress, a once august body that hopefully soon will be again - but sadly, not at present. These people have made an issue where there was none. They have built a problem where one did not exist. And they will be responsible for the future detrimental effects, I promise you.

Yes, you read the above right: there was NO issue. They have created one. Why do I say that? DADT was doing just fine. If gay people wanted to join the military, nobody was stopping them. THAT WAS THE POINT. I don't ask you and you don't tell me because ITS A NON-ISSUE. All that bull$%it about "they have to live a lie!!!!1!!one!" is just that: BULL$%IT. Nobody had to lie because nobody was supposed to ask a question in the first place. Now what? If a soldier gets "married" in a state that allows gay "marriage," does the military have to provide him married BAH? Does he get priority for base housing because he has a "spouse"? Does his "husband" get his SGLI if he dies?

Here's another one: how long till two straight junior soldiers decide they don't like living in the barracks, so they go "get married" just so they can move out in town? And then throw the added BAH on top, they're now committing fraud. I PROMISE you that one's coming.

Doesn't anybody get it? "Agenda" gays don't give two shites about DADT. That was never the point. I work with a senior enlisted Marine - 28 years in - who has a gay brother. And as he has told me, his brother is the full-on stereotype: a proud, self-professed "flaming San Francisco queer." Now, this Marine loves his brother as a brother, but he doesn't want the guy within 300 yards of his Corps. And he has told me that his "flaming" brother has made it very clear that overturning DADT isn't about the military, it's about the mainstreaming of the gay "culture" and moving the US Government incrementally toward a redefining of marriage.

When did this country decide that the minority ruled? When did equality of results supersede equality of opportunity? At what point did making sure you protected a certain 10% turn into letting them run things? Did NO ONE pay attention to the actual results of the DoD survey? Did NO ONE notice that the people who do the fighting and dying for this country said this was a BAD IDEA?

I mean, honestly, HOW DOES THIS IMPROVE ANYTHING? What are the positive effects of this move? Does this somehow make our military stronger? More capable? Better able to perform it's sole function of DEFENDING OUR REPUBLIC? Or have we fallen down the Euro-rabbit hole of using our military as some type of social experimentation zone? And please spare me the stats on how homosexuals have been a part of the Swedish military machine - or who-the-f#ck-ever - for years with no ill effects. Nobody else does what we do, on the scale we do it, worldwide. NOBODY. Not Europe. Not Israel. Not the United-f'ing-Nations. NOBODY.

And the oft-repeated stories of how the ONLY crypto-linguist in the whole Army who spoke Kreplakistani got kicked out because he was gay are BS. If he was that important - and that good - he'd still be in. Unless he didn't want to be. Is it just me, or are the only two groups of people who join the military seemingly to draw attention to it when they get thrown out "agenda" gays and Islamic converts? They knew the policy when they signed up but then get all butt-hurt (yeah, I said it) when they do something counter to the CONTRACT they signed with the US Government and get busted for it. And it IS a contract, boys and girls. There are ramifications when you break it. With all this going on, the only real question left is how long till we stop the witch hunt and let the fatties run free? Oh wait, they can't run...

And enjoy this one when it falls in our lap, the same as it has down under: Sex-change soldier forces army to scrap transgender policy

Yeah, THAT's a fun read. And it's obviously made the Aussie military stronger... obviously...

The only hope I have left is that they'll follow MY plan, although I'm sure it won't happen because it makes too much sense. What plan is that, you ask? Simple: let every branch set it's own policy.

Why not? Individual branches have individual policies for a great many things, from basic training, to physical fitness standards and annual education requirements. Why not let each branch make it's own rules? That's the only hope I have left. If all you other idiots want to deal with the giant can of worms that our ESTEEMED BETTERS up on the Hill just opened, fine.

But leave my Corps the f@ck alone...

UPDATE: And because its that time of year, I leave you with the below as the metaphor of the day. Congressman Eddie, from the great state of RV, out on my lawn...

UPDATE II: Oh, by the way, I suppose this will be the last time I get to say anything on the issue, as any future comments will be deemed hate speech and will probably be grounds to start court martial proceedings. But I'll be in line behind all the Chaplains, so it might take them awhile to get to me.

At least I can rest easy knowing that the personal feewings and self-esteem of less than 2.6% of the almost 2.5 million strong US military (if the 65,000 gays in military number that people love to toss around is to be believed) are more important than the speech rights or possible moral quibbles of the other 97.4%. Thank the Lord for equality!

UPDATE III: Hey, didn't somebody say this yesterday?

Yet the repeal is far more than just a single policy shift. The overturning of "don't ask, don't tell" is likely to create a ripple effect in addressing other gay-rights issues, as many states continue to debate issues including same-sex marriage and the right of gay partners to share benefits the same way legally married couples do.
Ah, the media. They are right on top of things, aren't they? Interesting that I haven't seen those issues linked in an actual news story (vice a random blog or two) anywhere until just this second. What's Madam Satan's Speaker's quote? "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it."? Applies to a lot of things these days it seems...

UPDATE IV: Best breakdown I've seen yet (comment #26 from navyvet98, if the link gets squirrely) of the second and third-order effects this change will bring about. This would be a pain in the ass (yeah, I said it... again) during peace time. Imagine what fun it'll be in a war zone.

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