Jul 27, 2008

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog 

Hey all. Back again after spending a couple weeks doing the national tour to see family and friends... as opposed to the international tour to see sand and possible enemies.

Tell you what though, Baghdad is a pretty quiet place all things considered. I only heard those couple thumps that I wrote about early on, and the only fire I saw was directly related to - get this - victories by the Iraqi National Soccer Team. Of course, that can be dangerous too. I'll never know for sure, but I swear, something kicked up sparks on the concrete not 15 feet from me on one of those nights when tracers were filling the sky...

Anyway, you'll soon see another post that's been rolling around in my head for the last week or so. With the release of The Dark Knight, it's time to once again explore how America IS Batman. For those of you joining our blog already in progress, please click the Caped Crusader's image directly to your right... thank you.

Big props to my Bro, who scored us IMAX tickets when I went back home. Epic victory, dude. For the Wif, who had never seen anything in IMAX before, it basically rocked her face off from the opening scene where the Joker's crew zip-lined across the rooftops of Gotham to rob a bank. As for me, all it did was melt my head, that's all. 6 stories tall, 80 ft wide, 12,000 watts of stereo surround, AND parts of the film shot on the ultra-huge IMAX film-stock... THAT'S how a movie like this should be.

And I'll just say it now: Heath Ledger should win the damn Oscar. Forget that it's some kind of pity award because of his unfortunate death. Stuff all that crap about comic book movies don't win in anything but the technical categories. Ledger's turn as the Joker jimmy-stomps Jack Nicholson's performance just before throwing him out the window. It's the best Batman baddie ever was and probably ever will be. It's maybe the best screen villain - dare I say it - EVER. I gave up on watching or even caring about the Oscars probably more than a decade ago. Watching a bunch of assclowns sitting around patting themselves on the back got old. But if the Academy doesn't give Ledger the award due to some kind of sense of "artistic integrity" then they will have become as truly useless as the UN. And that takes some doin'.

Anyway, I have returned. Standby...

Jul 7, 2008

Guess who just got back today 

Jul 4, 2008


Steak, BBQ chicken, and lobster.

In Baghdad.

Cooked by Iraqis and dudes from Indonesia... I think.

Happy Independence Day, baby.


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