Feb 22, 2006


I am home (as some of you already know) and now that I FINALLY have my internet woes dealt with, postings shall be forthcoming. Moving into a new place and shaking 7 months of storage warehouse cobwebs off the ol' computer has been quite a chore, but after the last 3 hours on the phone with tech support I think it's under control.
The US Navy shipboard internet connection is - shall we say - inadequate. I left Iraq about 5 days after my last post, so it was a busy time. And then after that trying to get a stable connection proved largely migrane inspiring. So, please forgive the lack of postage from December through 3 days ago. However, those that are sore that I didn't post from the 19th through now can get bent... the wife had first dibs on me at that point.
Anyway, I'll be around to weigh in on current events and tell some tales from Iraqistan. Just gimme a little bit to get organized.
By the way: AMERICA ROCKS.

UPDATE: Smokin' thinks America rocks too. Go welcome him home as well.

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