Mar 3, 2006

Whoa... look at the time... 

Now I know what you're gonna say… but just hear me out.

Yes, I got home two weeks ago. And yes, I put up TWO lousy miserable stinkin' posts in that time period. But now, I'm leaving. No really… I'm "leave"-ing. As in going on leave. WOOHOO!!

So maintain the standby to standby until I return, hopefully with batteries fully recharged, but more likely needing to take a vacation from my vacation. You see, this is big. All told, my lovely weef and I are looking at over ten thousand miles of travel (by both air and ground), through 6 different states, visiting two families, and collecting not only a vehicle, but two cats, one dog, a bird, and a large assortment of various stuff.

So, hang tight and I'll see ya when I see ya.



Well I'll be damned. Somebody back home in the People's Democratic Republic of Washington State got it right.

As I'm sure a lot of you heard, a couple weeks ago Marine, World War II hero, and all-around ass-kicker Pappy Boyington got shot down again… in absentia. You see, he went to the University of Washington back in the 30's and a proposal was put forth to the student government to put up a statue in his honor (which I'm kinda surprised never happened back in the late 40's or early 50's, now that I think about it). But the young and the mindless had this to say about that:
"many monuments at UW already commemorate rich white men"
Now THAT'S some funny shite, being as Greg Boyington never had more than a couple bucks in his pocket to rub together, spent the latter part of his life in relative obscurity (at least until "Black Sheep Squadron/Baa Baa Blacksheep" hit TV), and was - OH BY THE WAY - part Sioux indian. Rich white man? "Gramps'' would have had a helluva laugh at that one.

But the REAL State Senate - not the one in Red Square (yes, the largest open area of the campus is paved in brick and called "Red Square," I kid you not) - weighed in on the issue and gave the Colonel some love. Not a statue, maybe… but some love nonetheless. So at least somebody back home got something right.

Of course, my favorite part of this whole thing was this:
Jill Edwards, a UW sophomore, questioned whether a member of the Marine Corps was the type of person the school wanted to produce.
Hey toots - that school produced TWO great Marines: Pappy Boyington and ME. Well… before the hippies and commies took over, it produced Boyington. I escaped. Either way, we both went there and we all know that's NOT the type of person the school wants to produce, but apparently does anyway. Ain't life grand?

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