May 30, 2009

Nothing to see here... move along... 

The rest of the world doesn’t observe Memorial Day. But it understands the crude symbolism of a rogue nuclear test staged on the day to honor American war dead and greeted with only half-hearted pro forma diplomatese from Washington. Pyongyang’s actions were “a matter of...” Drumroll, please! “... grave concern,” declared the president. Furthermore, if North Korea carries on like this, it will — wait for it — “not find international acceptance.” As the comedian Andy Borowitz put it, “President Obama said that the United States was prepared to respond to the threat with ‘the strongest possible adjectives...

May 21, 2009

The beard that knows no fear 

Who's the one man awesomely awesome enough to stop crime dead in it's tracks, even when lacking all three of the dimensions that the criminals have access to?

I think you know who...

May 18, 2009

The picture that explains everything 

To steal a line from Patton, I didn't make this... but I wish to hell I had.

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