Apr 10, 2005

What have I done for you lately? 

Not much of a damn thing... sorry.

Things been a bit crazy round here. Family issues, my current battles with Naval Dentistry, and my burning NEED to spend every waking moment of the last 72 hours playing the new MARINE CORPS VIDEO GAME that just came out have been taking up a lot of my time. I wish I could say that all that is over now and it'll be back to the blogging grindstone, but I'm afraid that I'll be departing from my keyboard yet again in the middle of this week due to a previous commitment to Uncle Sam. Ol' Sammy sure can put a crimp in one's style sometimes.

Those of you waiting to be regailed with tales of my latest adventure that caused a blog operational pause - sorry... no truly good tales came of it. Possibly I'll have something better from this next go round, we'll see. Riding on a large grey floatie with a couple hundred of your closest friends can do that for ya.

Anyway, while I'm gone... again... you can keep hitting refresh on your browser to see ALL the new rotating quotes. I got everybody from George Washington to Eric Cartman up there now. And I did promise to include a permanent link to the "Complete Calvin and Hobbes" website I linked to before, but (HORRORS!) it looks like it is no longer available. Maybe my link overloaded their server? Yeah... right. But as a less than stellar substitute, you can shell out $100 bucks and get the whole thing in hardback... this September... woohoo.

Hope to be back soon, but if you don't hear from me before the end of the week you ain't getting me back till the end of the month!


Apr 2, 2005

I have returned... 

More to follow... stay tuned. Meanwhile, back to my Guinness...

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