Dec 3, 2003

And so....... it begins....... 

All right here it goes. I finally broke down. For the two of you out there that were screaming..... ok, pleading..... alright, wondering if I had a blog, well wonder no more. Here it is - bigger than life and twice as ugly. The latest push came from Harvey of Bad Money who pressed the issue along with Big Stick's Jeff and Wetwired's Pylorns in this post. I only pray that I prove to be as good at this as you guys think I can be.

This was something I wanted to do for awhile now, but just kept putting off. I'd satisfy myself by lurking around in other people's comments - which is something I'll probably still do more often than post here. But I figure, what the hell. Besides, I've got the Frank J. stamp of approval. Who else in the blogosphere can say that they have co-written an "In My World"? So stay tuned, and I'll sort this sucker out. Hell, I'm not even sure if I have the comments turned on yet, but nobody's reading this so who the hell is gonna have a comment anyway, right?

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