Dec 11, 2003

Beaten to the punch 

I came up with great ideas for posts yesterday, but all you guys screwed me out of 'em. Yep - it's YOUR fault that I didn't post yesterday..... oh yeah. As I got set up in Blogger, I cruised around blogdom yesterday to see what everybody had to say and realized that everyone had already beaten me to the punch. I wanted to write about our Euro "allies" getting screwed out of the Iraq rebuild.... nope. Okay, maybe how Howard Dean is an ass... too late. Well then Kucinich... yeah, he's an ass too, right? Dammit. Yeah, but that was pretty short so I'll just do a lengthier piece about the Tin-foil Hatted Freak. I mean he's got plenty of stupid to go around, so I'll just.... SON OF A....!!! Okay.... build people up, don't tear them down...... how about some good news in the LtCol West case? Been there, done that.

C'mon you guys, you're taking all my best stuff. I can't even write about what kind of women I like or what kind of woman I..... ahem.... love.

Alright, I draw ya'll a picture.... something funny... something like.... D'OH! Okay.... calm down Mike. Just think.... there must be something that hasn't already been blogged. Ummmmm.... ok France. Yeah, France still sucks. Oh, right. Nevermind then.

Dammit. Well maybe I can just get away with another post about Battlestar Galactica. OH C'MON!!!

Alright... screw it. I'll just do a linky-love post and call it good. Awwww........ crap. You guys all suck.

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