Dec 4, 2003

But I LIKED being unreachable 

As I look around the 'sphere, I see that I'm already getting all kinds of love. I'm somewhat overwhelmed. I mean, I've been at this for a little over 24 hours and have already heard more than a few "Well, it's about damn time!"s. Thanks everyone.

The Bartender has graciously offered his services to make this place look a little more "salty" (that's a GOOD thing, for those of you who don't speak Marine), while also making me a member of the Corner of the Bar Gang. Awwww, shucks.... ya shouldn't have.

Harvey, was good enough to give me some free advice (you'll notice I'm already following rule 1). Although I'm not sure how I should take being called "a pathetic microbe".....

I, sir, am a FIREBREATHING microbe of death and destruction, and am at least as powerful as the flu-bug. Well, maybe the sniffles...... but that could develop into a sore throat OR WORSE, so just you watch it mister!

Anyway, I'm trying to be a little more accessible. As you'll see above the links on the sidebar, I now have an actual email account. I would always post with "HallsofMontezuma@ShoresofTripoli.mil" as my email. If you don't get, then you need to report to this man for remedial military history training. The 'dot mil' part I just threw on because all military websites end in ".mil" so I thought it might look a little different. Anyways, there it is.

Oh by the way - does anybody know if you can install a trackback feature into BlogSpot? The best I could find out about it was here and it looks like that's still under development. But if anybody knows better, please tell me. Chances are that if you read me, I'll want to read you!

Semper Me.

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