Dec 9, 2003

By your command. 

So I just watched both parts of the new Battlestar Galactica and all I can say is that it pretty much kicked ass. It abandoned some of the stuff from the original show, and made a few radical changes - like Starbuck and some of the Cylons now have BOOBS and are really 'fraking' hot. But it really held on to the good stuff, and is far more cognizant of what would really occur in that situation than the first Galactica ever was. Main example: how would the civilian government and the military interact in a situation where 98% of both entities was destroyed? And what kind of sacrifices would have to be made - who do you take and who do you leave behind?

I don't recall what the very first episode of the original series was like, but I always thought that the series picked up with the humans already on the run. This Galactica starts before the Cylons attack, and then shows some great stuff from the ensuing battle. I'm sure SciFi will be showing it again in the coming days, so definitely check it out. I'd like to tell you when, but their server appears to be down right now. Probably overloaded from guys like me trying to find more juicy pics of the new Cylons and Starbuck (I still think it's weird that Starbuck is female - he'll always be the A-Team's "Face" to me).

If you're a fan of the original, you'll enjoy picking up on all the references they threw into the new one. If you haven't seen the original - well tough. Watch this one anyway. You'll dig it.

UPDATE: Be sure you can identify friend from foe. Like a cup o' Starbucks, "Caution! Contents are Hot!"

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