Dec 8, 2003

A fisking we shall go 

A Marine who I used to work with has left a hellacious fisking over in the comments of this post at Dog Snot Diaries. He's one helluva good guy. I know him as "Smokin'" but he posts under the nom de guerre of "Nikoms."

To what claims to be a 13 year old Frenchman with an 'I-hate-America complex,' he replies:

Doubt it. You're a 36 yr.old coffee peddler with a major in Cheese History, you wear a hair net and a name-tag You've got issues with beef and vegetables. A cup of horrible coffee and a stinky, non filtered cigarrette is tantamount to the best lay you've ever had. The only person you hate more than G. W. Bush is Lance Armstrong, an AMERICAN, who has crushed more French dreams than Adolph Hitler. BTW, Lance only has one nut.

It just gets better. Go check out my man, and the blog who's gonna make him famous - Dog Snot Diaries.

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