Dec 17, 2003

Good news and bad news 

The good news is that American bases are hard targets. Apparently our positions in Turkey are so well defended that terrorists give up on them and go somewhere else. The other good news is that these guys are starting to fall apart. They no longer follow orders. Their command structure is unable to get it’s splodey-dopes to do their bidding.

But the flip-side is this: if the splodey-dopes aren’t following orders anymore, they may just splinter into another faction, and remove themselves from Al Qaeda altogether. The farther they get from “The Base,” the more difficult it may be to find them. Oh, we’ll get ‘em. It may just take a little longer.

Any way you slice it, though, these guys are losing. The leaders can’t keep control. The targets they want to hit are too difficult to get to. The targets they DO hit do not endear them to the people they both want and need on their side (aka other Muslims). Mistakes like this do not inspire potential human-firecrackers to join their cause.

Sorry Osama, but you’ve got problems bigger problems than just this.

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