Dec 17, 2003


Remember when Hillary Clinton told our troops that winning the war was the easy part? Does this sound EASY to you? Here’s hoping the good Senator has a long career as just that – A SENATOR. And nothing more.

I encourage everyone to read Capt Basco’s story. It’s both inspiring and frightening. Wars are not to be entered into lightly. But when you have a chance to meet the enemy in combat instead of being struck by surprise, sometimes war is the course you must travel. Iraq harbored terrorists. Iraq trained terrorists. Iraq was not a war unto itself. It’s merely the second battle in something much larger. Afghanistan was the first battle and 9/11 was the opening volley.

The lesson in all this? America is still slow to anger, but make no mistake about it – we WILL kick your ass.

Thanks for the link to Capt Basco’s story, Helen.

UPDATE: WHOOPS! Originally thanked Heather for the link.... but go read her too.

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