Dec 13, 2003

Screw the Instaman 

Who needs an Instalanche when you've got Misha and Matt on the case? For everyone coming here via them - welcome, and thank you gents, you are too kind. Let me show you all around.

Here's where we keep our Disclaimer. Over here, our nod to fallen heroes. This is where we teach classes on how to speak like a Marine. And that's the kitchen, where we cook up our fiskings (careful - those are still hot)..... oh yes - and let me introduce you to our friend.

This is Puggs. Puggs lives over at Random Nuclear Strikes along with roomies Nukevet and Analog Kid. He has something to say about our.... ahem..... 'friends' in Germany that are actively donating money to Saddam loyalists attacking American troops. Take it away Puggs. Give the bastards both barrels.

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