Dec 20, 2003

So the general consensus.... 

....is that I should drop and give you 20. Well fine.
There, done. No more whining from yours truly. Of course as any of our fine military bloggers can tell you, if the troops aren't bitchin', something's wrong. So trust me, everything is OK.

Now on to more pressing issues. Not to pull a Frank J or anything (who's been posting a lot for a guy who said he wasn't gonna post till January) but, there will be a hold placed on the free MRE's. Hey, Frank has free ice cream - around here, it's Meals, Ready to Eat. And I wanted to give you more warning than the Bartender, who just today decided to crawl out from under that rock of his. Mike the Marine will be going on leave tomorrow. No, really.

That's right, I'm outta here, and won't be back until 2004. Possibility for posting is slim as I'll be heading to the land of the dial-up connection (my parent's place), so don't expect to see much of me after today, though I do intend to give you a few more turds of wisdom before I go. Anyway, thanks everybody for kicking me in the nuts in the previous post's comments. I knew I could count on you. While I'm gone, if you need a Marine fix, go to R.Lee's place - if for no other reason than to watch the intro. Or head over to his Mail Call Forum and have some of the good folks over there answer your questions about all things military.



PS - By the way, bitching works. My Ecosystem ranking today is the highest it's ever been. Maybe everybody should bitch for a day. Cheers.

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