Dec 16, 2003

This Blog Operational Pause 

Was Brought to you by: The United States Marine Corps.

Napolean said "an Army marches on it's stomach". If he were here today he'd know that it LIVES on the internet, most particularly email. I can't begin to relate to you how much business the military does via email. Now, the job I'm in currently is slow enough. Request paperwork shows up in my inbox, I print it out, I sign it, I send it to my boss. That's almost the full extent of my job description. I get the random stuff that pops up as well, but my actual job description is "Special Projects." No, not like black ops and weapons tests and cool stuff. More like coffee runs and utility infielder.

I usually keep busy by studying military education stuff, and often I end up throwing myself on top of the grenades that come flying in from nowhere, just because I have no real reason not to. As you might have guessed, if there are no metaphorical grenades being thrown, and my inbox is empty, a-blogging I shall go. But when Uncle Sam's internet server tanks, stuff pretty much comes to a halt. It's not that people don't have your phone number, it's just that they are unwilling to pick the damn thing up and call you. And we have a working fax machine, but nobody wants to send you a hard copy of whatever it is. They'll just wait and send you an e-copy. So an already slow day was crushed by the fact that I could not access anything that was farther downrange then my own hard drive. As a result, I can now pass this information to you: the human breaking point for playing computer solitaire is 8.4 hours.

So today's Op Pause was due to the fact that Mike was unplugged from the world. Now that I'm home, blogging shall commence..... or not. Hey, that copy of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun isn't gonna play itself you know.

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