Dec 11, 2003

This is either stupid or brilliant 

Being as it's France, I tend to lean toward the former, but......

French Panel Backs School Ban of Head Scarves
On a visit last week to Tunisia, Chirac told high school students that wearing a veil in France was seen as "a sort of aggression."

Well, hell. In France ANYTHING can be interpreted as aggression. These guys remind me of the kid that you'd try to scare so he'd jump back and then you could give him "two for flinching."

This is France's apparent first public recognition of the fact that they are being overrun by militant Islam. I find it encouraging that they are doing something about it. You know - like that whole separation of Church and State thing that we've been doing for over 200 years. Yeah. Why don't ya get on board with the team and come on in for the big win (another thing France knows all about: leaching onto the winner at the last possible second).

I just wonder if this is the right step to take. I mean as much as I'm a fan of shutting down radical Islam, I'm also a fan of religious freedom. For everyone. This bill is going to smack down every faith and could possibly throw France into the same debacle with church/state separation that America is facing right now, wherein saying the word "God" in school can get kids expelled.

Look, I don't mind you wearing whatever you want on your head: scarf, yarmulke, crown of thorns, whatever. And I don't mind religion being seen in public schools. I mind religion being TAUGHT in public schools, but do you really expect the kids to leave their religious identity at the door? I don't, and neither should anyone else. You want to do something about Islamic terrorism, Pierre? How about you do more of THIS and let the rest of the kids keep their headgear, mkay?

Of course, this whole thing isn't about stopping terrorism, it's about saving France for the French. But I suppose I'm good with that too. I mean if the French don't have France to be localized in, then they'll spill out into the rest of the world..... and we can't have THAT, now can we?

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