Dec 9, 2003

This just in from the DUH file: 

Psychologist: Malvo Mentally Unwell

Noooooooo. Ya think?

I could give a rat's ass if this so-called 'sniper' was as grounded as the Exxon Valdez. Both Malvo and Muhammad are twisted in the head fuckos who need to be put down. You want the money quote?

[Psychologist] Cornell also testified about Malvo's intense interest in the film "The Matrix," which Malvo watched more than 100 times -- including just before Franklin's shooting.

How many times do I have to say this? Even the Wookie Defense won't get you off, you sick bastard. You, and the jackass who capped his parents last February, can site whatever movies you want to, but a couple million movie-goers the world over who HAVEN'T KILLED ANYBODY say blow it out your ass.

On a different tangent of this story: I'm sick of everybody calling these guys "snipers." These assholes are NOT snipers. It's debatable whether or not they're even good marksmen. Don't get me wrong, they're despicable killers, and should be executed as such. But I've known snipers, and these jagoffs ain't it.

A sniper is a dedicated professional, devoted to a life of discipline and training in service of a cause greater than himself. Say what you want to about their role in warfare, or the moral status of what they do (neither of which I have a problem with, by the way), but you cannot deny that snipers are consummate professionals in every sense of the word.

These two asses were using a scope to hit a man-size target at ranges of maybe 150yds. Hell, I can do that. At three times the distance...... without the scope..... with the same rifle. I'm not impressed.

Let me break it down shotgun style. These dead-men-walking's final act should be to get a lesson on what REAL snipers are like. I say we strap their asses to the targets on the 1000yd range at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, and let some Sergeants with .50 caliber rifles start taking off limbs one by one.

Either that or we let 'em loose in the woods and tell them that a contingent of Marine and Ranger scout/sniper teams is on their ass in an hour.

Remember: You can run, but you'll only die tired.

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