Dec 19, 2003

Well screw you then 

Over the last two days my traffic has dropped to half it was for the week before, something I find noticeable when I'm only averaging around 175 hits a day. I'd like to think it has to do with the fact that Blogger ate my template two days ago and when people saw a blank page they ran away screaming because they thought it might happen to them too. COME BACK!! Oh well......

Anyway, it's Friday booze time and tonight's drink of choice was going to be Captain Morgan, but I made it home before I realized I was out of the old Captain. So me and Jim Beam are spending another night together. This time I'm drinking with others though, so beer reinforcements may have to be called in. So you guys are all cut off tonight - no more bloggy from Mikey for you. Of course, the numbers say you don't care anyway, so piss off.........

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