Dec 19, 2003

Yep - No difference at all 

To anyone who said that "capturing Saddam was great but it won't make any difference" - shove it.

U.S. Takes Down Fedayeen Cell

The raid is believed to have been launched based on leads from the capture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the military said.
In Friday's Baghdad raid, nine cell members, including the guerrilla leader, were arrested at dawn. The gang leader was responsible for coordinating three different cells, according to Lt. Col. Garry Bishop of the 1st Armored Division.

The raid was based on a tip from an informant and resulted in the capture of rockets, anti-tank missiles, explosives, timing devices and six 100-pound barrels of fertilizer.

It's thought there were enough weapons and ammunition to launch an attack comparable to the October homicide truck-bomb attack on the Red Cross.

"The suspected attack time was tomorrow [Saturday] night," Bishop told Fox News. "The information we received, we believe, is a fallout from information gleaned from the capture of Saddam, which identified certain cell leaders throughout the Baghdad area."

Sounds like a difference to me. Those are weapons that won't be used on US troops or Iraqi civilians. So, who still thinks that Saddam should be part of a "catch & release" program?

Oh, by the way, the Navy is living up to that whole "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of those who threaten it" thing:

Navy Rounds Up Al Qaeda

U.S. Navy officials told Fox News that during the past week, two interdictions have taken place in the Persian Gulf, resulting in the capture of four suspected Al Qaeda operatives.

One suspect was allegedly trying to enter Iraq. Three were caught with a boat full of drugs, including heroin and hashish. It's believed that they were trafficking drugs as a means of funding terror activities throughout the region. Navy intelligence is still investigating the incidents

I quote the boss: BRING 'EM ON.

If these jackasses wanna run to the fight just so they can get nabbed, let 'em. Saves us the trouble of having to go dig them out.

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