Jan 21, 2004

Airplane goes fast - makes scary sound - film at 11 

Check it out - a whole story inspired by the fact that an airplane flew over some people and was loud..... how news worthy. At least the opportunity wasn't squandered by ABC to point out how much Israel sucks.....
Israeli warplane overflies south Lebanon

An Israeli warplane on Wednesday broke the sound barrier over southern Lebanon, a day after the Jewish state carried out air strikes on the region, Lebanese police said.

The fighter bomber flew over most of the south, particularly over the town of Nabatiyeh where it caused supersonic booms, police said.

We can't report anything if those guys don't blow up some terrorists innocents, so we'll tell you all about how a plane made a scary "wooshing" sound as it went by.

The overflight came after a flare-up of violence that started with Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace on Monday that drew anti-aircraft fire from Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah guerrillas and UN condemnation.

See what THEY started?! Damn those uppity JOOOS! Who do they think they are, running around killing terrorists innocents and doing offensive things like building a wall to keep themselves safe out the peace-loving peoples of their neighboring countries? Kofi needs to give them another stern talking to.

Hezbollah guerrillas later the same day destroyed an Israeli military bulldozer that UN peacekeepers in the region said had violated Lebanese territory, a charge denied by Israel.

Well, at least those UN guys were on the ball. Good to see they "kept the peace" and allowed Hezbollah to destroy that bulldozer. Future IHOP breakfasts will be put on hold until the Israelis can get another CAT up and running.

The rocket attack, which left one Israeli soldier killed and another wounded, triggered Israeli air strikes on two abandoned bases in southern Lebanon. No casualties were reported in the strikes.

See? All is well. One bulldozer destroyed, one Israeli dead, one wounded, and all that was destroyed was a camel hitching post at an empty "Martyr's Dating Service" (where you can hand-pick your own set of 72 virgins). Ahhhhhh...... all is right with the world.

Anybody else hope that when that jet went over, some bad guys wet themselves? You can bet that they're all familiar with air power by now. Hey, didn't we sell the Israelis some Apaches?

(Warning: do not click link unless you want to see terrorist's body parts go flying - seriously)

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