Jan 27, 2004

Big badaboom 

Thanks to Deuddersun for leaving this link in the comments: http://www.vampirebat.com/war/

Mmmmm.... 'sploshuns..... This guy has the long version of the Apache gunship video I linked before. In this one, you can see the bad guys trying to ditch their weapons. "What, me? Shoot at Americans? Never. Nope. Wasn't me. No weapons here. Nothing to see. Move along....."

I especially recommend the AC-130 video from Afghanistan. Engaing individual members of Al-Qaeda with an airborne 105mm howitzer might be overkill. But who cares.......hehehehehehe..........

Don't forget that Grouchy has new videos up as well. He didn't make these himself - in fact, I saw the F-18 one at least a couple years ago - but they're still pretty cool.

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