Jan 15, 2004

Departure of the Ken 

And just like that - POOF - he's gone. Banished back to the depths of whatever depraved little universe he inhabits, Ken shall no more darken my door. After calling Mad Mikey a rapist (of his own daughter, no less) and then saying that it would be a good idea to kill all the conservatives in the US in order to save America, Ken's dissent has officially been stifled by me - at least around here.

As a result, Ken will proudly be the first person to grace my new "Dissenters Stifled" toteboard on the sidebar, which will link back to this post. Hopefully, I will be able to stifle countless more dissenters that decide to come here for all their quashing needs. Thanks Ken, you've made my day!

UPDATE 16 Jan 2004: Well, well, well. That didn't take long - just under 19 hours. So desperate was our little Bob/Ken/Alan to screech at me once again, he made his way to another computer and was good enough to label me a Nazi. Oh, that and say that there would be nothing he'd like more than to see me dead. That's right........ K-k-k-ken is coming to k-k-k-kill me.

Rookie mistake on my part - I'd just banned his single IP hoping that would be enough. But every moonbat needs to be heard, much like a two year old child with a dirty diaper, so back he came. I have now gone the full measure and banned his whole IP block (the Ken block is 66.213.21.# and the Alan block is 66.213.13.#). If you happen to be sane and are in that block, sorry, but Alan has ruined it for you - do you really think that the good folks at the Ohio Public Library in Columbus appreciate people using their computers in such a manner? I'm almost positive that he'll find another 'puter to broadcast his banshee-like wailing from, and I'll be more than happy to ban those too. No "debating" for you Alan. I refuse to provide a platform for someone who endorses pedophilia, accuses people of raping their own children, and advocates a second holocaust. I said it before, and I'll say it again - if you don't like it, you can KISS MY AMERICAN ASS.

PS - You have the right to free speech just as much as I have the right to not listen. So, if you want to talk, say it somewhere else and I'll be more than happy to not listen to you there as well.

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