Jan 22, 2004

Happy Hour 

As has been previously established, Friday is the Corps' unofficial booze night (or maybe it's just MY official booze night..... I get those two confused). So because it's Thursday, I am - at present - not imbibing an adult beverage. However, I see NO reason that I can't TALK about booze.

Yesterday, Harvey accused Matt of joining the Russian army to go on a beer rescue mission. I'm happy to report that those kegs aren't dead soldiers..... yet.

Russian army rescues kegs of beer
Russian troops have retrieved 10 tonnes of beer trapped under the Siberian ice after a week-long operation.
....... Six divers, 10 men with electric saws and a tank pulled the beer kegs - but not the truck - to safety.

Gotta have priorities. Trucks are replaceable, but EVERY DROP of beer is precious.

Next up, the Bartender is a rat bastard. After commenting that I felt I was more than qualified for the "Bender Badge" in his Above and Beyond drinking awards series, he went and pinned it on somebody else. I'd quit going to Willie's place, but for his quality drink recipes. Curse you and your tasty beverages Bartender! CURSE YOU!!

On the topic of drink recipes, I promised a virtual shot to anyone that could ID a movie quote I left in Willie's comments. So far, only Eric has taken a stab at it, but the first person to come up with it will receive an ACTUAL drink recipe from me for some Philippine Islands Subic Bay MOJO. Or I may just post it for all to see out of the goodness of my own heart. But somebody better answer that question, or it's no soup MOJO for you!

And finally, Jim Breuer (Saturday Night Live's "Goat Boy" - but if that's all you know him from, you're missing out) relates what's really going on in your stomach when you party hard. This is not to be missed. Or ignored. Heed his sage advice.

Cheers everybody!

UPDATE: The MOJO contest is now closed. The quote is from "Air America" and was correctly identified by my buddy Dumass. Dude - that's hardly fair. You've already had the Mojo. Hell, I MADE IT FOR YA! Everybody else, tune in tomorrow for that recipe. Hey, I gotta keep people interested somehow!

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