Jan 23, 2004

I promised 

Mmmmmm.... Guinness. But sadly that was the last one. Hafta switch to Red Stripe now, before finishing off the rum. I love Friday........

Well, I promised to give up the Mojo if somebody could answer where the title of the last post came from. Rob got that it came from Contra. Then Dumass got that it was the cheat code that gave you 30 lives. As aggravated as I am that the one guy here who has already sampled my Mojo recipe is the same guy who got the question right, I promised that if SOMEBODY could answer it, I would tell all. So I shall. But first, story time.

I used to spend quite a bit of time over at R Lee Ermey's Mail Call site, and still drop by there on occasion. Anyway, one day I got into a discussion with a couple old Navy guys about the Philippiness and in particular the old Navy base at Subic Bay/Cubi Point. See, I've never been there and the likelihood of ever going dropped significantly when the US moved out in the early 90's. But I don't feel too bad. I heard all the really good times out there were during the 'Nam (I heard John Kerry went there once......). If the place had calmed down and wasn't going to surpass what I'd seen in Flight of the Intruder (and read - the bar scene is better in the book) I wasn't interested.

So, like most conversations between Squids and Jarheads, up came the topic of booze. We got to talking about the bars outside the front gate in Olongapo City. I laid hands on two different recipes for some "Po City" Mojo, and tried both. The only differences were one had bourbon and the other had lime juice. I preferred the pitcher I made with both, but let your own liver be your guide.

Pour the following into a large pitcher over crushed ice:

1 bottle of beer (San Miguel for authenticity if you can find it, but Bud will do)
5 shots DARK rum (not SPICED - DARK)
5 shots vodka
5 shots gin
1 shot bourbon (optional, for professionals only)
1 small can pineapple juice
1 small can orange juice
1 can lemon-lime soda
1 shot lime juice
Dash of grenadine
Lemon or Orange slices

This thing is noooooo joke. Couple glasses of this, and you will be howling at the moon quite well. Like I said before - heed the warning.

Happy weekend everybody!

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