Jan 8, 2004

Is this is a troll? 

I guess so - which would make him my first - but the entry was so short and pointless, it's hard to tell. Oh wait...... that's what trolls do, isn't it?

From the comments of my History post:
Actually Bush is similar to Hitler in that they both launched unprovoked wars of aggression. Poland, for example, did not attack Germany. Neither did Iraq attack the US.

In fact, under international law, Bush's war against Iraq was illegal in just the precise same way that Bush's war against Iraq was.
Bob | 01.08.04 - 6:34 pm | #

We'll ignore the fact that you compared Bush to himself in the last sentence, and just assume that you're an idiot you meant to say Hitler. If that's the case, then where were the dead Iraqi soldiers on the White House lawn?
In August 1939, a group of concentration camp prisoners were dressed in Polish uniforms, shot and then placed just inside the German border. Adolf Hitler claimed that Poland was attempting to invade Germany. On 1st September, 1939, the German Army was ordered into Poland.

Oh wait, that would require Bush to have a "concentration camp" to go to for fake Iraqis. Well, he could have used the guys down in Gitmo I suppose..... oh well. No point in being a Monday morning quarterback with these things.

And I guess that UN Resolution 1441 was just like the Munich Agreement, wasn't it?. I mean they were BOTH international resolutions that allowed one country to invade another, right? Except that one was telling a brutal dictator to cease and desist, and the other told a brutal dictator that he could own half of a country that wasn't his. Hmmm...... so confusing.

It's nice to know that some people are so blind to history that they're doomed to repeat it. It makes them predictable. Did this guy even read UPDATE 2 before he posted?

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