Jan 13, 2004

Must. Click. The. Link. 

I follow entirely too many links back to their sources. Resistance is futile. I have proof:

28.571428571428573% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

The Nerd Test was passed to me by GOD, creator of all things. The blog (Ludicrous Speed....... a name which is wonderfully nerdy in and of itself) featuring the Nerd Test also has a post on a great film, Eqilibrium. Frank J actually talked about that one a few months back, and as a result I rented and later purchased it. Imagine a movie with Matrix-like action, but Neo's line is "I know Gun-fu." Like the Matrix, no one can really be told about it.... you must see it for yourself.

Anyway, get to clickin'. If anybody breaks 50% on that quiz, you are a supergeek. Don't sit next to me in the cafeteria anymore, and stop trying to have your Class 11 Wizard cast a spell on me. I don't want to play my "Holy Water" card and burn up all my Manna to crush you, but I will if it comes to that.....

(those of you who don't understand the above statement, don't worry - that means you're normal)

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