Jan 9, 2004

Product Placement 

Well, it's Friday in the Corps, and you all know what THAT means. So I'm going to head over here order up some of this and maybe chase it with one of those. And after I've had a couple three of those, I might reach for one of these, which has been known on occasion to make me act like this. You only really have to worry about me if I start doing THESE. Then it'll be projectile time, Exorcist style, and you'll have to put me in front of one of these if you want to keep the floors clean.

The next morning, I'll wake up and down handfuls of these. I'm sure that some of you guys can attest to their healing powers, especially the 800mg versions that military docs pass out like candy. And then I'll spend the weekend recuperating with my Christmas present.

Drinks are on me, everybody. I'll be in my usual chair. See ya there!

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