Feb 4, 2004

And the hits just keep on comin' 

A lesson to all the young bloggers: if you want traffic, a little self-advertising in the right place goes a looooooong way.

Example - today I was reading the brilliantly funny blog IMAO, which is written by the brilliantly funny Frank J. He produced a brilliantly funny post about the brilliantly stupid conspiracy theorists and frothing moonbats that inhabit the Democratic Underground website who's name must not be spoken.

Now if you've been under a rock and haven't read it yet, it's a summation of the insanity that reigns over at DU unnamed website and a 'sample quote' was "This all just goes along with the Bush*'s and the Repugs' nazi mentality. The only way we can preserve liberty is to round up the Repugs and put them in ovens."

This, of course, reminded me of someone that had their dissent stifled by me, and I left a link in Frank's comments to my Dissent Stifling post. And more than 300 people have clicked it.

That's right - Frank is responsible for the biggest influx of people to ever come here, and he didn't even DO anything. So all you hit-counter and link whores out there, take note. You don't have to wait for the great ones to notice you..... you can just steal their bandwidth without them noticing! At this rate, Ill have around 450 hits by the end of the day, which is almost 4 times what I usually get.

Jeez.... I oughta do this more often!

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