Feb 22, 2004

An Animal House no more... 

"They took the bar! The whole f**king bar!!"

Madfish Willie, Bartender to the Stars, has apparently pulled the plug. As you'll notice on the sidebar, my Corner of the Bar Gang Logo is conspicuous by it's absence. After he disappeared a couple days ago, his comments section turned into an online party with around 90 entries. He then returned just long enough to tell us all to get the hell out and that the demolition crew was probably going to show up in the morning. And now the bar is no more.

He alluded to doing something more sports oriented in the future... an online Sports Bar maybe? If he has off-track betting, I'm there.

Anyway, so long Bartender. It definitely was fun while it lasted. Come back and let us know if you decide to start another venture, you booze hound, you.

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