Feb 9, 2004

What is this "muse" of which you speak? 

So, what does one blog about when the muse does not strike him? Well...... not much. If anything comes up I'll let ya know. As for right now, all I have to pass is a two big thumbs up for both Secondhand Lions and Max Payne 2 - my weekend activities.

The film, which took up 3 hours of my time (including special features), is a really good movie and not at all what I expected. But being as Robert Duvall is one of the three leads, I don't know know why I thought it would be anything less than excellent. Good family movie.

The game, which has taken up MANY hours of my time (and I'm not done with yet), is of course the sequel to one of the best shoot-em-up video games ever made, and is living up to the original in every respect. NOT a game for the family - unless your family consists entirely of people over 18.... and then, MAYBE.

Anyway, unless I'm suddenly bitten by the blog bug, don't expect too much out of me this week. I feel like catching up on some reading, but who knows?


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