Feb 26, 2004

What kind of a slackass are you? 

Good God, man. Even Blogspot has permalinks. Drop the extra ZERO DOLLARS and get yourself some, Libbo.

That's right, lagmonkey's Libbo - I'm talking to YOU.

Do you just expect everyone to click this link and then scroll down to the 24 February entry entitled "The Nefarious William Hung Must Be Stopped Before It Is Too Late!"? Do you really think they'll take the time to hear about how the pickled essence of John Wayne's Sgt Striker, who is being kept in a jar in the Pentagon, gave telepathic orders to Major Payne and Mini Ermey to go square away the WORST contestant of the WORST reality show ever, American Idol?

Do you think they'll want more of THIS?:

Hung/Hitler: What is this? Two more simple minded Americans come to bask in the glory of my utterly retarded dance moves accompanied by my off key singing?

Major Payne: What are you looking at ass-eyes?

Hung/Hitler: Wait! You are not typical slack jawed college hippies!

Little Ermey: What's your major malfunction numbnuts?!?!

Hung/Hitler: Stay away from me! Don't force me to use my goofy yet totally evil mind controlling hypnotic crossed eyed powers to make you feel sympathy for me!

Major Payne: Let me tell you something - war has made me very PARANOID and when someone gets to eye-balling me it makes my Agent Orange act up and I get the urge to KILL!
Well? Do you? Do you think they'll want to read it? HMMMMM?

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