Mar 22, 2004

After-Action Report 

Harvey has included me in another filthy lie after-action report regarding the never-ending fight against the murderous madman that sits atop the blogging world's throne, Glenn Reynolds. And this time it's personal: Guinness is being held hostage!

Matty: Ok, Harvey, what's the plan?

Harv: We just go in, and ask Glenn politely to please, in the spirit of international cooperation, return the nation's supply of real Guinness and not do mean things to the poor, besotted Irish anymore. And to pretty please be nice from now on.

Matty: I said "Harvey", not "Kerry"!

Harv: Oh. Sorry. Go in, kick Glenn's ass, and rescue the Guinness with extreme prejudice.

Mike: OOOO! Me likey!
The whole thing is, for lack of a better word,...


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