Mar 6, 2004

"Have gone to fight the Indians Red Force. 

Back when the war training exercise is over."

- General Archibald Henderson, 1836

- Mike the Marine, 2004

UPDATE 13 March 2004: Back from the Ex. MRE’s consumed. Motivation level increased.

Would have posted yesterday, but my cable modem is on the fritz. I’m typing this in Word and will be putting it out as a burst transmission when the thing starts playing nice again.

Happy to report that Red Force was resoundingly crushed by overwhelmingly superior Blue technology and tactics. AH-1W Cobras, AV-8B Harriers, EA-6B Prowlers, elements of 2nd Recon, and whole lot of emerging technology in the way of communication, imagery, and datalink capability was brought to bear on the Red Force. Pretty cool to see video from a Harrier-borne Litening II targeting pod of yourself and know that if I was a bad guy, I’d be smoked right now. Gives me a warm fuzzy.

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