Mar 26, 2004

Holy Crap! 

I gotta read Little Green Footballs more often. Because THIS was just too good to miss.

Fired Female Saudi Sounds Off

Female Saudi journalist Wajiha al Huwayder, fired from the Saudi newspaper Al Watan because she “damaged the foundations of the nation and wrote about issues not permitted by Shari’a,” has posted an incredibly biting article on the web that attacks “the pathetic men of the East:” Single life beats marriage to an emasculated man.

“Most Arab men have been emasculated since they were young. They have no power to give, and therefore they are incapable of granting a respectable life to anyone. There are no exceptions here, according to the rule that says: A person who lacks something, is unable to give it.”

From here Al Huwayder embarks, together with her female readers, on a journey around the Arab countries.

“Let’s begin with the original land of the Arabs, Saudi Arabia. The most important characteristic borne by the men of this country is the impotence complex....
I'm not makin' this stuff up! She ACTUALLY WROTE THIS! In a land where shoplifting gets hands cut off, and rape victims have been stoned to death for dishonoring the family, a WOMAN had THE BALLS to write this! What are you still doing here? Go read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Also found at LGF, Al Jazeera says that Israel 'fabricated' the child-bomber story. Know thy enemy, folks...

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