Mar 13, 2004

One for the Navy 

Mikey, you're right there in San Diego. Know anything about this?

www.midwayphantom.com (Warning: LOUD MIDI file - turn your speakers down unless you want to get blasted with "Anchors Aweigh")

The USS Midway (CVA-41) is now berthed at the Navy Pier at the foot of Broadway in downtown San Diego and is in the process of being converted into "The San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum" (SDACM). The opening date is targeted for the first week of June, 2004 to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Midway.

Midway fighters accounted for both the FIRST and the LAST air combat victories of the Vietnam War!

Therefore, the drive is underway to raise the required $40,000 necessary to authentically paint and prepare for display aboard Midway, an F-4 Phantom II in the colors and markings of The Freelancers of Fighter Squadron Twenty-One (VF-21) and The Chargers of Fighter Squadron One Six One (VF-161). The names of the "first & last" aviators listed above, will be placed on the canopy rails in the traditional manner. The names of all Midway Mig killers will be placed on the intake ramp of the aircraft.

Because this aircraft represents the Beginning through the End of air-to-air combat in Vietnam, it symbolically commemorates the combat operations conducted by all Navy Phantom squadrons, and salutes the courage and dedication of all Navy Phantom flyers and Phantom fixers of the Vietnam War.
I'll bet that Lex has some interest in this, as well.

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