Jun 21, 2004

Blogging across America - Prologue 

In one of my last acts here before I am no longer an East Coast Marine, I went to Connecticut this weekend for the baptism of a buddy's kid. Being as the wife and I are the Godparents it would be unsat for us to miss the event, though North Kakalaki and Connecticut ain't exactly close (it was roughly a 14 hour drive... ugh).

While on this trip, two extraordinary things transpired. I drank a beer, and I saw a hole in the ground...

Don't sound too interesting does it?

Except for this: the beer was bought for me by an Iwo Jima survivor, and the hole in the ground used to have the twin towers of the World Trade Center standing over it.

That's right, my bud and I were in our Charlies for the baptism and afterward ducked into the VFW with my friend's grandfather. There we met a gent who was at Iwo and when we offered to buy him a beer, he wouldn't hear of it, and instead bought us one. Talk about an honor for a Marine... sheesh.

On the drive home, I figured that I might never get to see the WTC site before some kind of monument was erected, being as I'll be on the wrong coast within a couple weeks. I wanted to see it before that happened. So, a small detour into Manhattan later and I'd gotten that done too. Not much to see, really. You can't stop on the street. You can't walk by and look in. It looks like any other building construction site you've ever seen at this point. But it was something worth doing. A couple pics of that during the driveby, and a couple happy-snaps of Lady Liberty, and we were on our way back down the coast again.

Almost made it a three-fer and went to the WWII Memorial in DC on the drive home, but at that point it was past midnight and Mike just wanted to keep the car moving south. Mike also talks about himself in the third person when he's really very tired, and being as Mike didn't get home until about 0630 this morning, Mike is still beat. Mike will see you later...

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