Jul 20, 2004

From out of nowhere 

Why is it that I have to turn to ESPN2 to see footage of 9/11 anymore?

As I rolled through the channels for the umpteenth time tonight before going to bed, "the Deuce" was showing a retrospective of how 9/11 shut down sports.  Granted, they're an all-sports network, so that's the angle they're gonna take.

But how come I gotta go to ESPN2 to see this again?  Do you ever think about the lack of visibility that the attacks on the Pentagon and WTC get nowadays?  I mean really think about it?  After December 7, 1941, for the next 4 years, the words "Remember Pearl Harbor" rang throughout America.  And while you didn't have 24 hour news networks, or even TV to show the footage, those pictures stayed focused in the American mind.  Newspapers and movie reels carried those images throughout that war.  It was even used as a recruiting tool for the military.

Which makes me think - why don't I see any "Remember September 11th" recruiting posters with images of the WTC on them nowadays?  I mean, individual Marines and Sailors (and Soldiers and Airmen, I'm sure) put up those images in their workspaces as a sort of self-motivation.  But why isn't it institutionalized?  Why isn't that the face we show the people we're trying to bring in the front door?  Not cuddly enough to let the new recruits know that they should be here to kick ass instead of get money for college?  (Don't get me started on the little fuckers that ran off to Canada instead of shipping out to Iraq... I hope they do a lottery pick for the firing squads - might gimme a  chance - cuz I know that I'm number 3,600,227 in line to shoot those rat-bastards.)

While I don't think that we need to see the towers come down every day, we should be seeing it more often.  We should see the jets hit the buildings.  We should see the people jump from the windows ninety stories up.  We should see these things somewhere besides ESPN2.

Damn ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and even FoxNews.  Until the press pulls their head out and takes a look around... damn 'em all.  They are complicit in the brainwashing of America.  They lead the charge to make the regular American think little, happy thoughts.  What the regular American needs is a kick in the balls.  And those images of 9/11 will do it for 'em.

They should be replayed.  Often.  And even after Osama's head is displayed on a pike in the Rose Garden by President Bush, they should continue to be replayed.  Remember folks, just cuz we get Osama doesn't mean we're done.

Like Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over till it's over."  Thanks, ESPN.

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