Jul 17, 2004

I so don't have anything to say 

Well, it's official.  I'm totally out of the loop.  This whole disconnect from the internet thing really sucks.  Using a public computer in a hotel lobby isn't exactly conducive to productive blogging, but it's all I got.  Not to mention the fact that's it's AOL.  (In the time it took me to write the rest of this entry my connection dropped offline... twice... I kid you not).
Just wanted to poke my head in to let everybody know (all three of you, at this point...) that I'm still here in SoCal trying to find a home and not succeeding as yet - but UNWAVERING in my determination to blog on!  About what, I have no idea...
If I were motivated, I'd rag on the Army some for their blatant rip off of the new Marine uniforms, but what's the point?  They're obviously copycats that want desperately to be confused with us.  I'm not sure what's worse: the Army copying our cami pattern, or the Air Force trying to copy our covers.  The eight-sided cap has been a Marine thing since... well... forever.  Okay, so we'll let the Navy have 'em, but c'mon!  The Air Force?!  What's this world coming to?
As to the recent comments (which by the way, seem to be forcing out the old comments - curse you HaloScan!):  Dumass - the grapevine travels fast.  It's to be a MEU for me sometime around this time next year.  And Smokin' - anytime, anywhere.  I'll follow you into hell, my man.
Take care, everybody.  I'll be around if ya need me!


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