Aug 11, 2004

If I ran the world... 

Ever wonder what would happen if we REALLY pulled off the kid gloves and started kicking the ever-loving sh*t out of terrorists? Watch the news for what's about to go down in Najaf in the next couple days. But I digress...

What I'm actually going to talk about is fiction... but I hope to God that at some security level that I'm not cleared for and don't even know exists, something like this is going on.

Imagine what would happen if somebody organized a highly skilled spec warfare unit, pulling guys from Delta, the Air Force, Navy, and Marines. Imagine that this team was supported by a group of the most talented intel wizards ever assembled - guys who could find out who you were, where you lived, what your favorite color was, and how big your bowel movement was this morning - all because you turned on your cell phone (not USED it, mind you... just turned it on).

Then imagine that this wrecking crew of hell, death, and destruction had a blank check to go waste bad guys. No oversight. No bureaucracy. No reporting in with higher HQ. As a matter of fact, they're practically a "cell."

Oh, by the way... they're highly motivated. They ALL lost family members on 9/11, or the Cole, or Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie...

SUPERHAWKS: Strike Force Alpha

Right out of the box in the first novel of this series, Mack Maloney produces a story that both makes you cheer for payback, and cringe at the manner in which it is sometimes carried out. While he doesn't have the polish or technical expertise of Tom Clancy (who, by now has legions of guys fact-checking the specs that he uses in his books), Maloney still produces a kick ass ride. I couldn't put it down. I was back at Barnes and Noble buying his second book in the series (Strike Force Bravo) before I was even half done with the first.

For a specs and accuracy geek like me, some things were tough to swallow. Some weapons get mislabled, and some info seems to be out of date - probably pulled from places like globalsecurity.org which are hit or miss on both accuracy and recent updates. Some things are just pure Hollywood fiction (a Harrier cannot fire it's cannon while hovering, no matter what "the Governator" says).

But I got over it. And you will, too. Read this book. At $6.99, you can't afford NOT to read it. Then go have happy dreams about guys like this being blown to bits.

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