Aug 23, 2004

Only a few million more hits and I win a toaster! 

For those of you who pay attention to these things, I just went over 25,000 hits according to the good folks at Sitemeter. The lucky recipient of nothing more than my gratitude got here via Sitemeter (funnily enough), while looking at the GarageofXanadu Sitemeter Report.



As we all know, the Garage of Xanadu, was directly connected to the Blog of Xanadu (prior to the re-model... the Garage now has a pool table in it, but there's a lovely Carport of Xanadu), and the blog - of course - morphed into:


So, thanks to J Fielek for either sending over, or actually BEING my 25,000th visitor!

w00t 2 U, sir.

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