Aug 11, 2004

Say wha? 

Ask anybody and they'll tell you that NOBODY loves news of the weird more than me. And damned if Fox didn't come through big time today. In one feld swoop they hit up all of the following:

Sightseers Get Unexpected Treat:
The captain warned passengers not to look up with open mouths while passing underneath the grated bridges over the Chicago River, reports the Chicago Tribune, or else they might get a "taste of Chicago."
At 1:20 p.m., the boat paused underneath the Kinzie Street bridge. That's when one, or maybe two, tour buses passed overhead — and emptied their sewage tanks onto the boat below.
Angry Citizen Takes Call of Nature to City Hall:
A man who believes the town crushed his sewer line says he'll use the bathroom in Town Hall every morning until the problem is solved.
Rock Musician's Microphone Causes Airport Scare:
A terminal area and several gates were closed briefly after a routine baggage screening detected the device, which raised concerns because of the wires and threading caps running through it. A bomb disposal robot removed it.
Job Applicant Accused of Stealing Sex Toy:
A sex shop planned to file an arrest warrant for a woman who allegedly left the store without paying for a toy but who left a good lead on how to find her: She had just filled out a job application.
But by far my favorite was this one:

Bull Runs for Its Life Into Emergency Room
"DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — A bull escaped from a butcher's knife and took refuge in a hospital emergency ward, interrupting medical procedures for nearly 45 minutes, a news report said Sunday.
The big white bull tore away from a butcher as it was about to be slaughtered on a busy city street, and charged up a ramp into the emergency ward of nearby Dhaka Medical College Hospital..."

I enjoy fresh beef as much as the next guy, but WTF? IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?! Sadly ol' Bossy didn't make it... "The frightened animal was then caught and returned to the butcher."

Here's to you big guy.


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