Sep 10, 2004

On the verge: Marinespeak returns 

On the verge of the anniversary of 9/11,
On the verge of the fiery destruction of whatever credibility '60 Minutes' had left,
On the verge of a weekend,
And most importantly to this blog, on the verge of me being run into the ground dog-tired for the next six weeks...

I must leave you here... alone... to defend the blogosphere all by yourselves.

Why? Because of that last "verging."

I happen to be on the verge of a rather intensive TAD. And that's today's Marinespeak, returning from it's long absence just in time for me to depart.

Temporary Additional Duty. TAD. Say each letter like they had periods between them, not like it's some preppie sweater-wearing dude's first name.

The Air Force (and I think the Army too) calls it 'TDY,' but what it means is the same. You're probably leaving home to go blow some stuff up, or at the very least learn how to blow some stuff up. Unless you get a sucky paperwork drill TAD, in which case you are not given the means to blow anything up, only the motivation to destroy everything around you. Mine will be somewhere in the middle - doing paperwork while learning how to get other people to blow stuff up.

Follow me?

Well, if you did or you didn't, this all comes down to ME leaving YOU yet again to go do that Marine thing. Six weeks of fun and adventure in the desert - NO, not THAT desert. A little closer to home... and Mexico. Those who are in the know will be savvy to the land of which I speak... the land who's name must not be said...

Anyway, I depart on the morrow and will likely have NO time for likes of this blog until I return. So, once again, please take this time to visit any of the fine people listed to the right on my blogroll, and I'll see ya when I see ya.

Semper Out.

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