Oct 26, 2004

Good God, ain't this thing over yet? 

Ya know, I should be getting something extra to cover the expenses of all the acid-reflux medication I've had to take to deal this whole Presidential race thing.

Sweet weeping Heyzeus on the perpendicular planks of wood, just let it be over.

Folks who visit here regularly know who my personal choice is - it ain't exactly a thinly veiled secret. But at this point I just want it done. And for the love of all that is holy, if ANYBODY pulls a Florida this year, I'm going postal on 'em.

oh please oh please oh please.... just make the bad man stop

Anyway, of interest is this little tidbit I found a couple days ago at LGF. 1.4 million teenagers re-elected President Bush in a landslide mock-election. Hmmm... weren't they supposed to be scared to death of him because he's reinstating the draft or something?

Oh wait... Maybe the teens are a little more plugged into this thing than they usually are? Well they were right in the last two elections, so I guess we'll see in a week if they pull off the hat-trick.

And by the way: Babe Ruth's ghost finally gagged on a hot dog and will no longer pose a menace to the BoSox. 86 years is long enough. Besides... SOMEBODY from Massachusetts should get to feel the thrill of victory this year, right? [/wink]

And as the first commenter on this post (and just because I thought his election prediction was pretty damn funny) KILABE is the winner of a free link from me. I ain't exactly Instapundit, but I figure this'll be good for four 'er five hits easy...

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