Oct 31, 2004

Sammy... or should I say... 

Herr Sam?

You see, our new little friend, who has graced us with his presence in the comments to my last post - would like us to believe he's in Dayton, Ohio. He'd also like us to infer that he's in the Army, being as his profile picture on his blog shows him in a beret and green t-shirt.

But Herr Samuel, it vould zeem dat you are typing avay on dat liddle keyboard of yours somevhere in Europe. Your Deutsche Telekom IP address, and the fact that it bounces through a server in Amsterdam, are both things that I find quite interesting.

But I don't jump to conclusions. No, no. Not me. Please, by all means - explain.

I would LOVE to hear this.

UPDATE: Of course, I realize that I have fallen into Sammy's little publicity trap and mentioned him on the top of my page. This will no doubt triple his traffic. Who knows? By the end of next week he may have 500 total. Watch out Instapundit!

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