Nov 22, 2004

Like I was saying... 

As has been pointed out by bloggers far superior to the likes of me...
In Fallujah, where U.S. Marines and soldiers are still battling pockets of resistance, insurgents waved a white flag of surrender before opening fire on U.S. troops and causing casualties...
As has been further pointed out...
On one particularly grim night, a group of marines from Bravo Company's First Platoon turned a corner in the darkness and headed up an alley. As they did so, they came across men dressed in uniforms worn by the Iraqi National Guard. The uniforms were so perfect that they even carried pieces of red tape and white, the signal agreed upon to assure American soldiers that any Iraqis dressed that way would be friendly; the others could be killed.

The marines, spotting the red and white tape, waved, and the men in Iraqi uniforms opened fire. One American, Corporal Anderson, died instantly. One of the wounded men, Pfc. Andrew Russell, lay in the road, screaming from a nearly severed leg.
I have little further to say on the issue of the now famous 'dead insurgent' and the Marine who made him that way.

Instead, I refer you to the man who said this:
Many will argue that the actions of this Marine were neither Honorable or Courageous. I beg to differ. He had the courage and honor to do what he felt he had to do to protect himself and his Brothers from the enemy. He had the commitment to follow through on his training and eliminate the enemy.

Consider what every Marine is taught, what every Marine believes in...

When you breed and train an attack dog you can't be upset when he bites. Marines are America's attack dogs and we will bite!

After all... It's who We are... It's what We do.
On the political spectrum, Deuddersun and I sit about as far apart as you could probably get. But when it comes to the Corps, we are of one mind. Wanna know what I think on this issue? Go ask him.

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