Nov 20, 2004

Making sense of it all 

From Grim:
On the Fallujah side of the bridge where the Americans were hung there is some Arabic writing on the bridge. An interpreter translated it for me as we walked through. It read: "Long Live the Mujahadeen. Fallujah is the Graveyard for Americans and the end of the Marine Corps."
You may remember a story from earlier this week about a message the 3/5 Marines left on that bridge:
This is for the Americans of Blackwater that were murdered here in 2004.
Semper Fidelis

P.S. Fuck you.
Now it all makes perfect sense.

Indeed it does, my friend.

...And I wouldn't worry too much about that Devil Dog that capped an unarmed enemy inside that mosque. Even if he does some brig time, I guaran-damn-tee you it's preferable to the option that had him and members of his squad torn to pieces because the fakin' little rat bastard was holding on to one last grenade for Allah.

UPDATE: Just in case anybody wanted a little deeper look into the situation leading up to 5.56 FMJ being propelled through that terrorist scumbag, READ THIS.

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