Nov 24, 2004

Of hobbies, blogs, and wild animals 

My dental health is atrocious. I've almost got base dental on speed-dial these days. The "Naval Medical Hobby Shop," as Smokin calls it.

But that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is that as I left dental this morning, I actually backed my car up and stopped to read the bumper sticker again... the bumper sticker that said
Ninja monkeys are meeting as we speak, plotting my demise.
I wrote it down... it was that funny to me. Then I thought of ninjas and monkeys which immediately conjured up an image of Frank J.

Then I focused more on the monkey part. Lagmonkey, to be more specific. So go tell Libbo welcome back to blogging (though he makes it difficult by having a forum, vice comments. Your call, Libbo... I'm just sayin' is all...). It's doubtful any of you noticed he left in the first place... he was a little upset by that I guess... let's NOT let that happen again, folks. He's funny, he blogs, he plays video games like it's his job, and he was a Marine. How can ya go wrong? So, at least go read the Adventures of Mini-Ermey until he gets the ball rolling. Again.

And then go read the "Airborne Interstellar Simian," because with all this talk of "monkeys" he'll bitch about it if I don't give him a plug...

Happy Turkey Day everybody!

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