Dec 2, 2004


Yesterday marked the wounding of the third person I personally know in Iraq.
The first two are friends. This one is my cousin.

The first two were relatively superficial wounds. This one is pretty serious.

The first two proved to be non-lethal. This one killed another Marine.

ALL of them were caused by IEDs - Improvised Explosive Devices. This one took the bomber to Allah and his 72 raisins.

I want to kill a lot of people right now. My blood was boiling yesterday when this whole thing happened. My FIRST reaction was, of course, fear for my cousin's life. But once I knew he was okay and on his way to Germany, and then home, that fear was replaced by seething hatred.

I'm a Marine. A professional warrior. I do what I'm told, I give orders to those under me that are in accordance with carrying out the Mission I have received from 'higher.' But yesterday and today are the first days since September 11th, 2001 that I have truly been itching to get an order that says it's time to go stomp the ever-loving shit out of some bad guys. (Short point of pride: my cousin enlisted in the Corps on September 10th, 2001, a date he's immensely proud of.)

Why TODAY as well, you ask? Because of sons of bitches like these:
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian hard-liners erected a monument Thursday to commemorate a suicide bombing which killed 241 U.S. servicemen in Lebanon in 1983, witnesses said.

A group called the committee of the "Commemoration of Martyrs of the Global Islamic Campaign" held the event at Tehran's Behesht-e Zahra cemetery to praise the attack 21 years ago against the United States, Iran's arch-foe
These Jihadi, fascist, Islamofanatical assholes have built a fucking national monument to commemorate the attack on the Marine Barracks in Lebanon - an attack emulated in smaller scale by the driver of a car who waited until my cousin and another Marine were a few scant yards away and then blew himself up.
The group said more than 25,000 "martyrdom seeking" volunteers have so far signed up and one of its members said the registration drive would continue.
You guys want to be martyrs? I'm waiting for word from the top to help you on your way.

I try to be professional. I try not to let emotions get in the way of my job. But I'm going to smile a little broader every time that I am in any way responsible - directly or indirectly - for ending one of these bastard's lives. If I provide the right coordinate to a pilot to put a bomb in a terrorist safe-house, I'll smile. If I can provide warning to Marines at the front gate of a base that a car bomb is coming and they fill that son of a bitch full of lead before he can hit the button, I'll smile. And if I get the chance to lay into any of these terror-exporting Sand-Nazis with a fifty cal, you can bet your ass I'll be smiling. Because I'll have done my job. I'll have saved Marines. I'll have saved Americans.

Don't believe that whole "give peace a chance" line of bullshit. Don't believe the fantasyland hippie burnouts that spout it. Don't believe that crap about how Iraq and the GWOT are not the same fight. And don't you DARE believe that if we ditty-bop on out of Iraq now that everything is going to be puppy dogs and ice cream. I don't give a rat's ass about what Bush should have done, what was wrong, what was right, or how much you hate America, you snivelling little worms. Welcome to the PRESENT. We don't have a time machine, and until we do, you're not changing anything by looking back. Step into the NOW. We have an obligation to finish the job, and that entails killing a whole lot of people who look forward to their own deaths. How convenient.

Peace is won at the point of a bayonet. As one of my DI's would tell us repeatedly, "Violence is the key to life." War is the ugliest of things. Good men die. But these people cannot be reasoned with. Their ears are shut. They cannot be shown a better life. Their eyes are closed. They cannot be appeased. They perceive only weakness.

Americans, it's time to put a little hate in your hearts and get the job done. Because if we don't do it to them, they're literally dying to do it to us.

UPDATE: In the comments it was brought to my attention that wounded Marines being sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany are encountering trouble getting hold of Marine Corps issue clothing.
Gentlemen/Fellow Marines, I have been in contact with the Marine Liaison office at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. A large number of Marines are in/out patients. The office has a critical shortage of sundry type items to support the individuals. The Marines are given civilian clothing on arrival, but only AF or Army military clothing is available at the exchanges. Since some of the individuals get MEDEVAC'd to LRMC, they often do not have a complete set of cammies. In this case, they also would like to obtain green USMC sweats so the patients have some kind of USMC uniform. Any support would be appreciated.
John Hopeck CWO

> Mailing address to send items to Marines in the hospital:
> CMR 402 BOX 4
> APO AE 09180
> POC at Landstuhl:
> Sgt Michael Bates
> NCOIC Marine Liaison Team, LRMC
> Email: batesmt@mfe.usmc.mil
If you are interested, the Marines would be happy to get anything you send. With regards to toiletries and sundry items - individual care packages are preferable, but items sent in bulk will of course be divvied up as necessary. With regards to cammies - they may prove difficult to get without actually going onto a Marine base, but sweats are relatively easy. These are what the current USMC issue sweats look like.


Thanks to reader Wally for the information.

UPDATE II: General purpose cash donations via Pay Pal can be made through the Wounded Warrior Hospital Fund.

UPDATE III: Marine Corps Moms offer yet another way to send support to the troops in Landstuhl.

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